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Multi Culti Night with Dreemas Live

How many legends does it take to bring the full Cult family flavour? One. That’s why this party will be nothing short of HEAPS EPIC because we will have not only local Multi Culti co-founder and Disc Shaman DREEMS rocking the house to sleep-dance-trance-ecstasies, but three of the five point pie that makes up his musical universe (Kris Baha of Die Orangen is busy clanging Europe’s underground a berghain-approved new arsehole).

Who are these luminaries, you ask? Let’s make a list, in order of who is the least Canadian:

1. JONO MA - more than likely related to Jagwar Ma and one half of Kompakt signed production duo DREEMAS alongside - you guessed it, Dreems

2. Magic Pirate aka Ccolo - ex Bumblebeez front man extraordinaire, Instagram god, recent hero of Output festival, and executive producer of Dreems’ full length lps as well as his own solo magic for Multi Culti and Motorik

3. Thomas Von Party, the shorter, curlier half of Multi Culti. Goa child, son and brother of even more famous DJs. Montreal club owner, a&r maverick, he’s worn the same pair of sunglasses every day for over 10 years, he’s currently traipsing his way around the world using only air miles and online dating to guide him.

Find out what fun really means, explore one of the greatest cultural happenings in the greater Byron area, bring your own incense, burn your own place in the cult family’s collective heart. Join now.