locura : meaning “madness” in spanish

Let us evoke the madness within, with flavours from “ The Americas” and far distant lands. May we celebrate the strange and wonderful experiences of travel, music, food and drink in the company of friends,strangers and new comrades. A casual Latin American diner and cocktail bar that morphs into a late night bar in the later hours. Locura is set in the heart of Byron Bay with a modern minimalist aesthetic. Locura boasts a Latin Americian bar food menu by The Three Blue Ducks and drinks by the award winning bar tender Tim Philips. The venue is a space for people to enjoy the company of others whilst being entertained by the sophisticated music direction of internationally recognised producer Jono Ma. There is a hint of Locura at the heart and soul of any memorable or delicious experience. May we bring you ours and help you embrace yours.